Immunity is considered to a balanced state of having adequate biological defense system to fight against antigens responsible for causing infections, diseases and unwanted biological disorders. Different organs are involved that works together to destroy any foreign antigens like viruses, bacteria, fungi.

The efficiency of the immune system can be affected by lack of proper diet, lack of exercise,  stress, etc.

But on the other hand there are several things an individual can do for a healthy immune response, they are:

1. A healthy Balance diet: A healthy diet consists of dense fruits and vegetables for whole day. The fruits with antioxidant facility, helps to provide essential vitamin and minerals that enhance the fighting power of the immune cells against infections.

2. Regular Exercise: An individual should follow a regular exercise routine to keep the body healthy, fit and disease free. People can pursue with different kinds of yoga in order to enhance stamina and inner strength of immune system.

3. Dietary Supplements: There are few class of people who has a busy lifestyle and unable to consume a good diet, hence they mostly prefer to  have dietary supplements. These supplements comes with all kind of vitamins and minerals which activates the cells of immune system, specially Vitamin D and Vitamin K. It also promote optimal health and well-being with unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herb extracts in a particular supplement as they are the ultimate energy boosters..

4. An Ideal Lifestyle: An ideal lifestyle involves reduction of alcohols and smoke consumption so that the immunity level should be maintained for long. A sound sleep and stress free routine always helps to enhance the immune power of the body. To boost up the immune system or immune cells a healthy lifestyle should be performed.