Mosquito net has the only aim to provide protection against mosquitoes, even flies and insects which causes multiple diseases for example malaria, dengue, encephalitis and yellow fever. The effectiveness of mosquito net is appreciated as compared to the available repellents in the market. To maintain the quality, the mesh of the mosquito net must be good enough to avoid entry of mosquitoes and insects. Malaria and other diseases are communicated by the bite of mosquitoes, eventually causes higher risk of  death in children and new born babies. There are ordinary untreated nets that gives less physical barrier between mosquito and the person, the mosquitoes may still bite through the net or get inside the net if used improperly. In order to avoid the mosquito bite the nets are treated with insecticides which provides effective and better protection by keeping the mosquitoes away and also killing them.

Making of Mosquito Net

Mosquito net is made from polyethylene, polyester, cotton or nylon. The standard size of the mesh can be 0.6mm to 1.2mm to avoid the entry of mosquitoes, the smaller the size of the mesh the higher the rate of protection from malaria or certain diseases. The type of mosquito net available in the market is for single bed size and double bed size.


maxresdefaultThe main aim of the mosquito net is to provide protection from malaria and other certain type of diseases caused due to flies and insects. For better results, the net does not have any holes that allow insects or mosquitoes to enter. The proper use of mosquito net is important as there is a good chance that mosquito can bite the person from outside as well.

Mosquito netting can be used to hung over the bed, a frame, convert into tents or apply over the windows and doors. For all the above usage there are different types of mosquito net available at affordable prices. It can also be used for fishing