Proteins are the basic building block of amino acids, found in muscle,bone, hair, and every other part of organs. A wide range of protein is needed by our body from the multiple sources with high quality composition like plant source as well as animal sources. Protein has a key role in building muscles, repair mechanism, maintain lean muscles and also essential for gaining muscle mass. If you are habituated with  physical activities like gymming, intense workouts your body need more amount protein which can be possible with a variety of protein supplements available in the market.The variety includes whey Protein, casein, creatine, soy protein, BCAA and protein shakes.Protein is the key contribution of growth, repair and maintenance of lean muscle body.

How to choose best protein supplement ?

There are several protein supplements available in the market, to choose the best out of them should have high quality protein yield, the proper concentrated or well balanced ingredients and the product should have effective out puts during workouts or post-activities.

Some of the promising protein supplements are:

  • British Nutrition Casein Protein
  • British Nutrition BCAA
  • Pure Creatine By British Nutrition
  • Dymatize ISO 100 Protein.

Benefits Of Protein Supplement

These building blocks of body has several benefits to muscle growth and development. Protein as a supplement can be consumed by everyone engages in intense workout and physical activities in order to meet the need of muscles. The breakdown of muscle tissue is so very obvious during the intense workout sessions, the essential nutrients of protein supplement respond to those tissue break down and activate immediate repair mechanism.

Some of it benefits are:


  • Protein helps to Build Lean Muscle
  • It helps to gain mass
  • It provides easy absorption
  • Supplements provides strength to Muscle
  • It helps to enhance endurance
  • Increase the metabolic rate of the body