Aspire for a herculean body,workout alone wont take you there.This is where in the imperative for supplements come into foreplay.With the gym culture increasing by leaps and bounds,every person seems to be going muscle frenzy with the much influence of celebrities on us.There are ample of mass gainers available online in India which leads a person spoilt to choices.With choices come furthermore confusion what to buy,where to buy?All can be dealt with by firstly knowing what mass gainers are all about.



1. Mass gainers not only help in gaining mass but also enables a lean and good physique with just consumption of it regularly along with the workout regime .

2. These products offer bundle of energy with much of carbohydrate intake that allows us to work without much exhaustion.

3. A very integral part of our body is”fibre”. Mass gainer lets our body a good system of digestion that also helps in  making a good body with much longevity.

4. Mass gainers consists of minerals that allows our body to be strong and healthy at all given period of time.

5. The vital proteins available in these mass gainers not only gives the body with abundant energy but also seeks in gaining shape as per it’s dosage.

Mass gainer” as the word suggests talks of supplements that are taken with shakes in order to weight mass and infuse energy in the body with much imperative components of body.It is very hard to gain solid muscles with the the little amount of proteins,carbohydrates one does.This is where in mass gainers come in.Without much  hue and cry an individual can devote much attention to the body that too with apparently no task at all.All you need to do is consume this mass gainer and do your workouts regularly to acquire a fantastic body.A mass gainer enables you extra calories,proteins and other major components to get inner strength and body mass at the same time.

1) Optimum Serious Mass:


A  reputed and trusted brand with fitness junkie’s .This one particular brand has made it’s market for itself.It not only comprises of essential components that leads to less exhaustion and effective workouts .It has to be consumed before or while the workout’s on.

2) BSN True-Mass:


A massive hit with athletes BSN True mass is taken by professionals in order to catch up with the strenuous and gruelling workout regimes and sports their involved in.It totally delivers the much needed  proteins and other vital components .

3) Universal Nutrition Real Gains:


This product is made with keeping in “quality over quantity in mind”. It’s an all compressive product that gives you full throttle energy all day long.

4) MHP Up Your Mass:


This product is composed  of an advance technology which enables an individual to gain mass within short span of time. MHP mass is very useful for seeing the result in a short span of time if taken regularly.

5) Cytosport Cyto Gainer:


Greatly effective for with all essential carbohydrates,proteins,with minimal amount of fat and sugar.It gives energy with whey protein as it’s major component that does it’s part.

Demerits of mass gainer are as follows:

1) Allergies: Mass gainer contains whey protein and this in in itself is made from milk.All those who have milk pertaining allergies would be asked not to consume mass gainers to further more complicate it.

2) Low blood Pressure: Mass gainers can also lead to low blood pressure.As at times a body refuses to act on the composition that mass gainers comprise of which in turns lead to a drop in blood pressure.

3) Medication: Individuals who take drugs or our inclined to do so due to medical conditions must consult a  doctor before thinking of taking mass gainers.As it is not recommended as your body statistics is not that of a healthy person for whom this is targeted.

4) Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Pregnant women must take gainers only under medical supervision and if at all the doctor permits.Breastfeeding too gets affected after a point of time which can deteriorate the adversities.

5) Bleeding problems: Individuals who already suffer from bleeding problems ought to take mass gainer after the consultation of a doctor as it can complicate the problem.

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