Sports nutrition supplements are concerned with the foods and fluids taken by the sportsman and athletes and deals with the nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates etc. At sports nutrition, physical fitness is necessary than a goal. These nutrition supplements are highly recommended in strength sports like weight lifting and body building.
All the athletes look for the nutrition supplements to increase their performance without any side effects. Here are some supplements highlighted which are known to be effective for the athletes: Workout2

Proteins: Whey protein is highly recommended forathletic performance, body building and fat loss. The best natural sources are whey and casein in milk. These proteins have more BCAA’s than any other vegan sources. Leucine is the main amino acid of protein synthesis and it should be present in the shakes taken by athletes.

Vitamin K2: It is obtained from animal sources especially from livers. It helps in bone strength and decreases calcification in arteries, risks of stroke and heart diseases. Supplementation will help vegetarians who miss out these nutrients from these animal foods.

Beta-alanine: This natural amino acid helps in building body muscles. It helps in resisting fatigue and making more reps.

YogaMagnesium: Most of the chemical reactions in our body require Magnesium. It helps in bone strength, recovery, muscle contraction, blood pressure etc. It can be get through green leafy veg, dark chocolate, coffee, nuts, seeds etc.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is the most important vitamin among all the vitamins. It is necessary to take direct sunlight for 20 min from 10am -2pm everyday. It decreases the chance of obesity, diseases and helps in testosterone levels, leanest body composition, and better health.

Creatine: Pure Creatine mono-hydrate helps in building strength of muscles and body. It boosts the power output and helps in getting more reps which is a positive point for athletes. It also increases water retention in muscles, which is called cellular swelling which is beneficial in muscle growth. It is the most important supplement for the body builders.

Workout to be Healthy

Zinc: It is found in every tissue of the body. It is a good antioxidant and helps in reducing the risks of cancer, maintains the levels of hormones that are ideal for muscle growth and fat burning. It helps in development of muscles and strength in gym by hard work outs. It increases the release of 3 main hormones: testosterone, growth hormone and insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which are essential for robust and strong muscles.

Omega 3: These are essential fatty acids which body doesn’t synthesize and have to get from foods. These can be get from fish and meat of grass fed animals. These are essential for efficient metabolism and fat burn. This fatty acid is vital supplementation for the body builders.

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